Who owns the park?

Ponteland Town Council own and manage the park with help from us.

Does the park close at night?

The park is left open at night. There's limited lighting, so a tourch would be useful.

Does the park have parking?

The park does not have any facilities, but Ponteland town centre has several free and paid for car parks - Merton Way South, Thornhill Road and the Memorial Hall parking. The Scout Hut car park is for Scouts use only. The gate is locked without notice and CCTV is in operation.

Does the park have toilets?

The park does not have toilets or wash facilities. Ponteland does have public toilets and the Town Council is responsible for management and maintenance of the toilets. These are located off Thornhill Road (post code is NE20 9PY).

Can I have a BBQ in the park?

Northumberland County Council has advice on using barbecues. It reads: Ensure the barbecue is on a flat site, well away from buildings, trees, shrubs, dry grass areas or dunes. Do not place your BBQ on a picnic table, unless there is a special facility for this. Keep children, games and pets well away from the cooking area. Never leave the barbecue unattended. Ponteland Town Council may have further legislation on this.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes! But ensure your dog is kept on a lead and you pick up after it.

What river runs through the park?

The River Pont is a river in Northumberland, which is a tributary of the River Blyth. The River Pont is about 35km long, it's tributaries include Med Burn, Fenwick Burn and Small Burn. It gives it's name to the town of Ponteland. Other settlements on the River Pont include Stamfordham and Matfen.

Does the river Pont flood?

The river does flood the park, so please be careful in the winter months!